my blocking board

A big thanks to all of you that offered suggestions and links to making a blocking board i followd your suggestions but ultimeately i used a combination of surfaces to create my ultimate blocking board. I started by using 2 x 600mm/ 900mm frames cork boards and then to add extra depth and fill in the depth difference between the cork and the frame i added a layer of cardboard from a old packing carton that fitted perfectly within the frame, i then purchase 2 yoga mats from a discount store and layed them to add a waterproof layer and then finally covered them in Gingham to assist in squaring up the peices on the board. check it out!! I think that it work beautifully and i saved about $200 in shipping


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Great Job, Arron!!!
What an industrious man you are! Limited resources seem to separate the truly creative people from the less creative. You are very creative, indeed. Thanks for letting us know how your dilemma turned out!

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That's splendid!!!
I'm impressed with your wonderful common sense and creativity!

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Very clever! Thanks for sharing your solution. Living at the bottom of the earth as we do, we often have to be very creative as shipping costs limit the selection of consumer products available to us and then their prices are high because of the transportation costs. Now, we want to see pics of the lovely knitwear you're going to block on this fantastic new board!

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Well done Arron.

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Looks like expensive shipping was beneficial in the long run!
MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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