Oklahoma City

I'm curious if there's anyone in the OKC area? If so, do you know of any knitting spots/groups/etc? I'm here for a month for work, and as usual, looking to find ways of entertaining myself when I'm **not** working. (I.E. Get myself out of the hotel room)

I've already found the local yarn shop http://gourmetyarnco.com and spent more $$ than I needed to, but it seems like their "open knitting" time is scheduled, and only once a month.

Is this the norm, in y'alls experience? My only experience with yarn shops is the one my mom works at down in Boerne, Tx and they're pretty much open to folks just coming in and knitting anytime the doors are unlocked.



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My LYS has a knit night every Tuesday after official business hours when folks gather to stitch n' bitch. They call the group 'Chicks with Sticks' (Not being a chick, this kept me from going for a while until one of the regulars mentioned on her blog she'd like to see some men join them). They've got a big table with chairs, though, so anyone could come in and knit for a spell during business hours. My LYS when I lived in Pittsburgh was much smaller, but they also had a small table for swatching and whatnot and the store owner was also very helpful when customers had stitch emergencies.

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See, that was my experience at the shop my mom works at....people were welcome to stop in and knit whenever they wanted, and I just assumed that was the case at most shops....and it could be the case at this one in OKC as well, as far as I know. (just doesn't seem like it, since they have scheduled knitting times)

On a side note, I saw that you keep alpaca...what's your experience with that thusfar? Pros, cons, etc. My partner Charlie and I have considered doing this in the future...we live on 67 acres, and both of us are familiar with basic animal husbandry (goats, sheep and chickens primarily)


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Hi Cynjon,

I think I'm going to miss you - my family lives in OkC and we're heading out for a visit but not until mid-August. If you still happen to be there, drop me a line. OkKnitguy on this list lives in OkC, but I think he's in Hawaii on vacation now, if my memory serves. If there's only one LYS in OkC, they will know him there and know about this list.

Jonathan in DC

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More than likely, we'll be gone by then...or close to. Supposed to be here for a month, but that could change.
Hmn...I'll have to do a user search and then and see if he knows of anything.



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Hooray for Boerne!!!
...I hit the two yarn shops in January...while visiting my twin brother...

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Boerne truly rocks, I have to say. Very cool little town!


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I like that idea of outdoor knitting! I do quite a bit of mine sitting on the second floor of our still-under-construction house....excellent view! If I can figure out how, I'll post a pic of it.