I just finished the fingerless gloves, "knucks", from Anyone have any experience knitting these? Tips on how to weave the ends in better next time? How to knit them so they're a bit more snug, etc? Any ideas?


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I did three things to make mine fit better:

--After joining the fingers, I switched to the next smallest needle size. (I like the fingers bigger than the rest so they go on and off more easily.)

--I put a single decrease between each finger (immediately below the joining round).

--I made the thumb gusset decrease more abruptly: just one K row in between decrease rows.

It's a super pattern! But I spent a long time playing with it to get it to fit my hand just right. I didn't have great luck weaving in the ends between the fingers, but I don't notice them any more.

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You know I looked at it thought , "Oh that's cool " and then sort of intuitively knit a pair with little regard for the pattern. Sometimes knitting by feel for the first glove; recording it, and then knitting the second work just fine.

I knit 2 pair and I think my brother has knit at least 6 (honest, he dosen't even need the pattern anymore). when I wove in my ends, I made sure to try and close the gaps by weaving the ends back and forth between fingers, trying to pick up the loops that form by the reverse stockinette stitches when you turn them inside out. I hope this made some vague sense. It's much easier to do than explain!

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I've done several pairs of gloves and fingerless gloves and each time weaving in the ends between the fingers presents a new challenge. I have a tendency to over do it as I just can't stand having even the tiniest gaps in there. I haven't worked the pattern yet though. Your finished knucks look great!!!