Morning Knitting Spot....

This is the spot where I sit and knit/have coffee in the mornings. (way too freaking hot in the afternoon, since the roof is tin, and not insulated yet) Our house is still under ongoing process since we're doing it by have to take advantage of the "open air" rooms while they're around!

It's a bit rustic, but it's got a great view!


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That looks like a wonderfully relaxing place to sit and knit. It almost seems a shame to finish the walls... are you at least planning some sort of deck?

I also have to really admire your dedication to making a house by hand. Since the limits of my handywork end somewhere around putting together particle board shelves, I have a lot of respect for someone with the talent to take on a huge project like that.

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Yeah, it works great as a knitting spot...but unfortunately it's actually the second floor bedroom (eventually) so it's going to be enclosed! (there will be a deck though...the door to it is just out of frame on the right hand side)

It's definitely dedication...or insanity! You'd be surprised how quickly it all starts to fall into place when doing construction, and how much is common sense type of stuff. This is my first construction project as well!

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We all should have a spot where we sit and knit that is so close to the woods and the outdoors. Would love to see and occasional picture of the progress on the entire house and some shots of the land you call home. Stan

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Hey there Stan,
Yup, I agree...outdoor knitting is a good thing! Martha Stewart would approve.
If you'd like to see more of our space, feel free to check out my flickr site.

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what a wonderful spot - reminds me of "Home" (Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky area) and makes me smile - I laughed to myself a little though when I saw the air conditioning vent in the floor - imagining a little unknowing bouncy ball of yarn taking a leap into it... eek - and the cries for help to try to get it back


thank you for sharing - it'd be neat to see where everyone knits - I have seen photos on posts from some folks of where their favorite spots are... hmmm. something to think about :)



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It's been so hot here lately that I have retreated inside to knit. I'm sure the deck will be equally lovely for you.