I hesitate to mention it. . .

Is anyone else signed up for the Mystery Stole Three? The yahoo group is well over 6000 knitters, and Melanie (the designer) was just interviewed by USA Today regarding this "World wide event".

signups for the KAL were way higher then melanie expected even before The Yarn Harlot signed up and mentioned it on her Blog - and about 2000 more people signed up.

It does look like it will be another beautiful design. I've knit both her previous muystery stole patterns; and almost followed the directions.

This one I am REALLY diverging on- but haven't told anyone except my Chief Enabler what I'm doing.


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My curiosity is aroused every time you mention these. It is something I'd like to participate in sometime in the future, but not until I have a bit (or rather, a lot) more experience with lace knitting.

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*grin* This one is a bit chaotic! My "delete" button works fine, but many are overwhelmed by the (literally) hundreds of posts they are getting a day. (However you can go to digest, to special notice only, or go 100% web based and aviod the flood)

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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I've thought about it but then I think: "That's right, let's just get into another project - that's what's needed!" So, I think I'll demure.
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