Lost Attachments - Vaila Slipover

Somehow, someway, the attachments to my original Vaila Slipover posting have gone missing in cyberspace. I can't find them and Darrel can't retrieve them so I'm going to repost them here. Sorry about that.

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I'm so happy these are back! Thanks for taking the time to upload and share them once again. They definitely deserve a second look. ;)

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Thank you!
The pics are beautiful!!!
so impressive!

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Enviable work! Absolutely georgeous!

Is that an upright sweater blocker? Does it work as well, if not easier, than laying products flat?


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I guess you could call it that. It folds in half so you can put the jumper over it and then unfold it so that everything is flat. There are 4 adjustment points to stretch (block) the garment in different places for different sizing and fit. Obviously, it only works on completed garments; knitted pieces would have to be done on a board. Until I started to use the Shetlands wool in stranded knitting, I never had the need to block my garments. I find that the garment dries more quickly as air can circulate freely to all parts. I love mine. I bought it from Jamieson & Smith in the Shetland Islands. I think that there is a source for one in the US. It wasn't cheap but I am convinced it was well-worth the expenditure. If you're handy with wood and tools, there is a pattern for one in "The Fair Isle Knitting Handbook" by Alice Starmore.

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Jesse, the colours in closeup are gorgeous. I love the range of J & S colours and am currently working on a Print of the Wave lace stole in colour L40.

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Jesse you are absolutely amazing. I could spend hours looking at your work which is truely an inspiration. Thank you! Ron