Any ideas?

I just bought some lovely yarn - it's cotton and linen so it's uneven with bobbles in. I wanted to make a scarf for a friend and haven't had a lot of luck with a stitch which looks good. I'm opting for larger needles as I think that the finished fabric will be a bit stiff with small ones. I was thinking that something with an open texture would be nice but does the lacy stuff look good on small needles??

Any advice gratefully received!!!

David x


Is your friend male or female? Curious, as the pattern would need to fit the tastes of the recipient...what look are you hoping for>>how do YOU see it??

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with lace the rule of thumb is to use larger needles then normal for the yarn-weight. and depending on the look you want you can go HUGELY larger.

My impulse would be to use a very simple lace on the large needles and let the texture of the yarn show.

But another idea might be to simply alternate a few rows of "normal" garter with a row or two of garter on immense needles. Swapping to the large needles every couple of rows might be a bit tricky - but it can be done.

Or even just garter on way larger needles then normal. Try a swatch the width of the scarf you want - if you like the look, just keep on going.
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I've gotten to the point that uneven yarn with bobbles gets a very simple design so the uneveness and the bobbles can toot their own horn. I might consider a simple garter stitch or even a k3 p3 rib with some yarn overs thrown in to open it up a bit, but done on slightly larger needles to open up each stitch.

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I have to agree with the first guy and go for a simple stitch. If the yarn is fancy and or busy, the fancy stitch will be lost and vice versa. So you either call the attentionn to the yarn or to the stitch. Which yarn are you using? Inquinring minds want to know!