New York Knitting Cruise

Hello everyone!

Is anyone else going on the knitting cruise in New York sponsored by The Point Cafe? It seems like it would be a great opportunity to meet and put a face with an online identity.... 

I will be there with my wonderful friend, Robin.

Also, I spent the weekend at the Garden State Sheep and Fiber Festival and accidentally added a new obsession... spinning.... Had a great time and learned a lot - all the information and hands on experience really enhances my knitting experience.


I'm on the waiting list!

Knit away, knit away

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Hope everyone has a great time.  Won't be making this. 

However, I am working on driving up the NY Sheep and Wool Festival on Saturday, October 15th.  A friend and I are hoping to get ahold of a car (his boyfriends) and drive on up there and spend the day.  Any of the NYC/NJ/PA members planing on going.  I have been there many times and it is great.  Perhaps we can meet up at one of the spots?

Be well and be creative,


I heard great things about that show during the Garden State festival - Garden State was small but really wonderful. I have a friend coming in during that weekend (oct 15) so I don't think I will be heading up to the New York one. drats.

I will still be making a trip into Philly sometime soon so do let me know your availability for some "in town" stitching. The first weekend in October may work out.