Stupid broad shoulders....

While I am quite attached to my shoulders, they provide me no end of trouble finding good shirts. Ones that fit my waist are always too tight in the shoulders, while the ones that fit my shoulders inevitably create enough space around the midsection to convincingly smuggle several midgets out of a midget-house without attracting much attention.

That said, I have cast on the "Tribal" sweater from Knitting With Balls using the smallest size for the bottom half (84 sts, roughly 20.5 inches) and knitted it to 17" in lenth, something appropriate for my height. (I am 6'2") My chest is about 44.5" and my shoulders, of course, slightly wider than that.

How do I go about altering this pattern for my unfortunate (I know, its relative) build? I have my knitting group with the old ladies in town, so I'll get their advice as well, but I thought I'd get a spread as best I could.

Hope y'all can help!



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How are you planning to put the sweater on...if it's the smallest size at the bottom?

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oh gee, wide shoulders, narrow waist. My heart bleeds.....*grin* I sympathize about not fitting into a "normal" size though.


Mario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Cast on as a size small and increase to a size M, L or XL before binding off for sleeves.


That's a toughie... depending on how adventuresome you are, you might want to change the style of the sweater entirely from a sew-up/set in sleeve to an yoke sweater or even raglan. Both styles allow for more stretch and room in the shoulders (because they're really just extensions of the arms - architecturally speaking), and I think you have more flexibility. Top down construction might be even better - check out Barbara Walker's book (Knitting from the Top Down) for some hints here.

Otherwise, if you'd rather stick with the pattern - I might cast on with one needle size smaller and 10% fewer sts at the bottom of the sweater, work ribbing for 2" or so, then change needles and gradually increase those 10% of sts up to the armhole at the side seams (as you would on a gansey). The best way, ultimately, to ensure fit is to knit to your own measurements - there should be a chapter at the end which talks more about altering garments.

Best of luck with it - michael