I Knitted this for my partner Ian


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Awww..... incredibly cute.

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My life is a Craft, not a blog. 

Adorable, very very cute. Good Work!

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LOVE IT! Now if you'd just do a Chihuahua! LOL



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How about a standard poodle? That is a cute wee dog and I bet Ian is chuffed to get it! I bet you designed it, didn't you?

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THat's adorable! I wonder if I could knit an Italian Greyhound.

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Precious; I will steal this idea and make a schnauzer.

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That's cute. I'm guessing that you designed it. My Girlfriend's parents have a white westie named Ian James and they'd love a knitted westie. Are you planning on publishing or selling the pattern?

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I want to second the nomination for the chihuahua! Your westie is really cute. What a great job!

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My life is a Craft, not a blog. 

I got myself A pattern on Ebay.UK Thanks for sharing the picture with us! I love Westies!

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the Westie is adorable.

I have this pattern - hate knitting with snowflake though - always give up
have you made up any other of Alan Dart's toy patterns?

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Indeed it is very cute. Great job!

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Hi Guy's so not be to publish this one. It's an Alan Dart Design sorry. However i do have more patterns in the printers right now.