In the beiginning there was just ribbing

A sweater has been started, which material am I using? I will not divulge the material until the end. I made this sweater about 10 years ago and it was a sensation. Well that sweater was as it was a mixture of textures and a delight to the eyes. This one is just a simple sweater to practice my knitting and my cable making. There may be some other project along the way and there will be some crochet hats in the making too. Thanks for stopping by and I will keep you up to date.


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I'm going to guess.... Soy yarn? LOL I dunno. I'm working with a soy-wool blend, so maybe that's just on my mind, but that strand has the semi-look of what I'm using (minus the color changes).

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Looks like Wally World Peaches n' Cream 4 ply cotton to me.
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