Should I be bitter...

that my partner Charlie has already passed my skill levels where knitting is concerned, lol? We've both only been knitting just over a month, and he's already an old hand at the DPNs and whatnot, whereas I look at a pattern and tremble in intimidation.

The funny thing is, he's probably going to end up not that into knitting in the end anyways (or maybe he will, who knows?)...he's just *very* into figuring things out, decyphering the technicalities and whatnot.

The good thing (not that there's a bad thing really) is that I have an easier time learning through visual demonstration as opposed to reading in a book, so I'll have my own personal instructor I guess!


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There is never a reason to be bitter. As long as you are enjoying what you are doing, it shouldn't matter how your skill level compares to others.

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Oh, I'm not really bitter about it, just joking!

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I wish I could get my partner interested in knitting! But, I'm not complaining; he loves to do tapestry (needlepoint) so we get to spend lots of time together with needles in hand. Your partner looks very intent on his knitting and I see what you mean about his interest in the technical side (I share that with him). Keep us updated on how it goes!

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Well, you could look at it as a challenge. :-)

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My life is a Craft, not a blog. 

It is always nice to have someone at home to share the craft. I see it as something we share. I see as companionship and not competition. Visual Instruction is nice, nut hands on is better lol! Am I blushing yet? Have fun!

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I definitely enjoy the fact that he's joined me on this...there's not any bitterness there for real! And yeah, it's very nice to have visual and hands on instruction!

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The important thing is, does he share his yarn stash with you?!

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nope! He's one of those wacky people that *doesn't* have a yarn stash...he picks out specific yarns for specific projects, and that's all he buys, lol! (though he *would* share if I were to need something of his, don't get me wrong!)

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I gave my partner the very technical "A Comprehensive Guide to the Principles and Techniques of Hand Knitting" because he loves reference guides like that. He sat down and learned every possible technique of casting on. I was a bit taken aback. For a week or so our house was full of discussions of the merits of double stranded cast on versus a hemless cast on. Single strand or twisted cast on, this needed to be thrashed out. In the end, after a couple of weeks of casting on, he set his needles down, and that was the end of it. Now, when people ask him if he can knit too, he smiles and says "No, but I can do a wicked cast on."

Think less, enjoy it more.

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That's Charlie *exactly*! I imagine once he's mastered the various aspects he'll become bored and set his needles down as well, with maybe an occasional return for a specific project every once in a while....he was (and still is) one of those kids who took stuff apart to see how it worked continuously.

I might have to find myself a copy of that book, it would be perfect for him, lol!
(and that response sounds like Charlie as well!)

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The book is by Montse Stanley. I heard about it on "Sticks and String" podcast, by David Reidy, who described it as a real bloke's knitting book. It's true. It looks great sitting next to Home Depot's "Building Decks and Covered Outdoor Areas."

Think less, enjoy it more. THAT is something I secretly partner would be similar. He has this uncanny knack for excelling at whatever he puts his hand to. This is great, understand, but, eh! sorta nice to have my own non-compete clause....*!*

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Alas, I introduced my partner to the "joy" of knitting with a hand assembled knitting kit for Christmas last year. The notion was valiant, the reality was amusing! Try as he could, there wasn't the sustaining interest and addiction to knitting that I experience. He approached the task with hesitancy, unsurity in his skill, and very tight tension! The results weren't rapid enough for him. We finally decided that knitting didn't provide the same satisfaction, relaxation, and stress release for him that it did for me.

We are happily settled into my joy of knitting and he continues to excel in following the stock market and other investment activities, planning our travel and taking care of the yard landscape.......and providing me with gift certificates to yarn shops!


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Good! Have Charlie figure out Cat Bordhi's mobius cast-on and explain it so that a normal person can understand it!

I can do a mobius caston - but it certainly isn't "Easy enough to do blindfolded" - and it bear no resemblence to Cat's.

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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Heh...I can get him to try it out! I started to pick up one of her books while I was visitng my mom, but thought I'd wait till I was a bit more experienced...definitely enjoy her stuff! (especially those little pod-like basket thingamabobs)