Magic Ball Swap

Has anyone done a magic Ball Swap ever. I have been reading about the fun some people have ha ha ha!

Seriously have you ever been in a Magic Ball Swap? What was your experience?

Here is a link


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I don't even know what a magic ball is...

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Now that I know what a Magic Ball is, I have to tell you guys that I did that already! It was fun, and I've been working on another one. You can see some pics of the result in my album:
look for the "shawl of many colours".

I had taken all the little odds and ends of projects left around and tied one end to another and wound it all into a ball. I never noticed yarn content; anything and everything went into it. Finer yarns were doubled to make a thickness that was close enough to the others. If there was a lot of it, I would break off a couple of arm's length and tie it on. When I had two very large balls made, I started knitting a shawl/blanket from the centre out, taking the yarn from the centre of the ball. This way, I never quite knew what colour was next, and didn't have any plan for placement. I learned a lot about how colours appear when placed next to different colours. I can see making a sweater this way too.

But from what I've been reading, people participate in these swaps by taking a complete skein of yarn, and hide little things in the ball as you make it (buttons, stitch markers, hand lotion samples, etc.)! I've never seen such a thing before, but it does sound like a fun thing. Not sure it's for me, but I'm sure there are others that would really enjoy that kind of thing.