Man Who Knits takes a Break

I am going to take a little break while I work on my awkward Knitting, ha, ha, ha. You know there is an English Saying that goes, "Unsolicited Advice is rarely welcomed or never welcomed" And it is so true. I knit the way I knit, and maybe is not what you want to see or what you like to do. I quote "However, it is very awkward, and when you come to follow patterns, you are really going to have a hard time!!" That's a direct Quote from Mr. Tallguy, his member ID here. So maybe I can create my own patterns? Maybe, what a trip!
It is my style , personal and individual, self taught as I go along in my close to 50 years of life. So far 99% of the people in the years that I have been knitting which is 19 years so far, and people here have given me the "Great Job", "Thumbs up", and great job at my knitting or attempt to knit.

When I need help I ask for it, you are presuming that I am in need of help, specifically yours, maybe I signed up for a class and did not know it was included with the membership , ha, ha, ha, ha. Someone here has had the odasity of telling me that I am knitting in the wrong way and that I am going to have trouble in the future! Given that this person does not know the complexity of the knitting that I have done or am willing to do, I found it to be rather condescending or even envious. I really don't know what your idea or plan was my friend ,but if it was to make me feel bad about my craft, you know nothing about me. I REGRET NOTHING! I am posting this here, because a person like you has something negative to say about anyone's work, what were your intentions? I don't know, but if your intentions are a reflection of how I reacted to your messages, I don't think they are good.

I will say that Men Who Knit are Men who encourage each other in the craft and share pointers when someone IS ASKING FOR ADVICE, (.which I was not).

Ok I got that out of my chest, I hope to be back with more photos sometime in the next two months. If someone is telling you your stitches look awkward, Get A Second Opinion! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!


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It seems like last week was the week for visits from the Knitting Inquisition. I, too, received a rather dogmatic pronouncement against my knitting. It came as a surprise, unsolicited as it was. I wouldn’t have minded having a lively discussion about its contents but I really did not like its “I’m a better knitter than thou" tone. I wish one of the knitting *gods* would visit me instead of one of his enforcers!

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

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I can guess who's sending these...
I've gotten several messages that are "pronouncements" of how it should be done...

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My life is a Craft, not a blog. 

Ha ha ha ,you guys are the best!