Celtic Cable Hat

Agony! I worked so cautiously on this project. Before I started, I read through the pattern multiple times. I checked my gauge about five or six times, double-checking that I was doing it right by taking it in to the yarn shop nearby. I followed the chart PERFECTLY. This is the first (and so far only) project I have ever done where I did not make a SINGLE mistake the entire time. Even when my row marker fell off and I didn't notice for some time, I was able to identify where it was supposed to go and didn't get thrown off at all.

I think I first started wondering if I'd messed up when I was nearing completion and I hadn't even started using the second skein of yarn it told me I would need.

Of course, once I finished it, it dawned on me what was wrong: the hat was much too small!!!

Ugh... So I'm either going to force myself to wear a too-small-hat this winter, or I'm going to sell it, which I REALLLY don't want to do because i love this hat so much. But until I figure out where the hell I went wrong, I won't be doing another one. It exhausted me, and having it turn out wrong just put me off.

Attached: a detail picture of the closed cable and a picture of me wearing the hat so you can see the size

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It might be too small for you, but nevertheless it is really good work and I just love the celtic cables. I challenge you to sell the first one and knit another one.

Your cable work is quite nice! Any chance that you can post the pattern?

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LOL Yikes...the pattern is a whopping 14 pages from start to finish (including a worksheet for making custom sizes). But you can get it at http://www.girlfromauntie.com/patterns/shop/celticcap/detail.php

It's VERY affordable at only $3 (US) and it comes as a .pdf file, I believe. Definitely worth the $3, considering how beautiful it is!

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Beautiful cable work! I really like that!

...of course, I've always loved cabling and Aran designs.

Well done!


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Honestly, it's not too small. It's made to sit right above your ears. I've made about a dozen of these. It's the right size. Good work on it, too!