Another Soy-Wool-Stripes scarf

I finished this one a while back but kept forgetting to snap a photo and post it. But here it is in all its completed glory. I'm doing another one with yet another color of this yarn, but this time, I'm twisting the cables every 6th row as opposed to every 8th.

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That is beautiful! I like the way the cables stand out against the variegated colours. What size knitting wool and needles did you use?

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I used 5.5mm needles on the scarf. The yarn has a gague of 17sts and 21rows = 10cm x 10cm It's Paton's brand Soy Wool Stripes with 70% wool, 30% soy.

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'nother excellent piece of work.

'love the cables.


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The scarf looks great! I often use that wool/soy yarn. It knits up wonderfully and makes for good looking projects. It also felts well.

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Dear Joshua

Looks great. I bought some great yarn in DC when I was working in Ameica and I'd like to do a similar kind of thing. What's the pattern? Would it be doable for a cable virgin?

All the best from the UK


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Lovely Braid, great work buddy!