Yarn for felting

Well over the rainbow with this getting upset about my twisted knitting. Next time this guy comes around even though he is a TALLGUY Wink , Wink, I shall beat him up with cheapest One Pounder Acrylic clearance yarn.

Lately I have been getting this cool looking, as you can see the twisted hanks or skeins on the picture attached, maybe that's why I twist my stitches ROFL! I am thinking of using it to make Hot Pad Mittens and , plain Hot pads. I discovered a website online that talks about different kinds of felting wether is crochet or knitted.

You can Boil Felt without the need of a washer, or you can do the washer felt. It also tells about making a swatch, the same as checking your gauge. A swatch will tell you how your wool will felt, that makes sense. Well I will be back later, don't know when, but at least once a week. We have to give more life to this site in our adventures in Knitting, Crocheting and The likes.

I consider Knitters and Crocheters , Taylors and Seamstresses Artists and craft people with the freedom to interpretate the crafts anyway the feel like it. Who knows Any of of with our peculiar ways of using needles and yarn may become the next Wold Designer or craft person. Don't let anyone tell you that you are doing things wrong. Is none of their beeswax whatever you do. Thanks for stopping by.