A Crochet Hat

I knit and Crochet, at this time I make most of my Skull Caps in crochet. Each of my Skull Caps is one of a kind. If I was going to put a price for this Cap it will be $65.00 WIth materials Included. I will start making some cabled Hats sometime next week. I will use Lion Brand Cotton. This one is almost finished. It is customed Fit to the clients head. No two are alike as I allow the pattern to emeerge. I think each yarn has a story to tell and this yarn was telling this story. It is Lamb's Pride, Worsted Weght, Brown Heather and Fire Prairie.

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Looks great! I must learn to crochet.

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My life is a Craft, not a blog. 
Thanks , I just finished. It has been washed and blocked as well.

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I don't want to crochet but I do like the hat!

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