Welcome ladies!

in the last two days we've added a LOT of women to our membership.
I wonder if the new members might introduce themselves...and mention how they found us...



I joined a while ago and have been quietly watching what goes on. I am an English lady who now lives in southern Spain. Since I came to live here the sun has helped with the problems of arthritis I suffered and now I can knit again.

I have been knitting for over 40 years, but I am not ashamed to admit that since I found this site I have learned at lot from reading the blogs and asking a couple of questions privately.

I found your site accidentally through another site, whose name I have now forgotten.

Hi, am one of the new women knitter's joining. It's MMario's fault for posting to laughinglaceknitting at yahoo groups! He mentioned a lace shawl pattern. Talk about carrots! Hope to learn a lot here too and maybe put in a tip or two. But I think you all have it covered pretty well already.

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I didn't realize that file attachments were no longer "visible" to guest visitors - that you have to be a registered , signed in member in order to see them and download them.

Mea culpa

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

Take the journey! Knit! Hi Ya'll,
I too am a new lady to your group! It's great ! I've really enjoyed looking around and reading the posts! I've been knitting for almost 2 yrs now and I 've just been learning so much lately and wanting to expand my abilities and do some charity knitting! Have a new baby coming in my family in March for my nephew so am knitting him/her a baby sweater , my first! Only have about 1/2 inch to go and then can castoff! I've knit dishcloths, hats, beanies , scarves and bottleholders so far! This is my first "apparel" and I just got the BSJ pattern in the mail, so that's next and the adult pattern as well and I'm hoping to graduate for a sweater for myself!BTW, I ordered the BSJ off of schoolhouse press! Go to Knitting for children and babies then spunoff designs. It's only $3 bucks! Thanks for the welcome!
Joni in TX

Take the journey! Knit!

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Hi! I googled "sweater patterns for men" and this site came up, too. I took a peek and liked what I found! This should be a fun spot to "pick" up new ideas....hardy har

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Hey, I joined a few minutes ago, I came across this site while I was searching for paterns for mens scarfs and I think it is wonderful that men actualy knit!