Circular Needles and some Lime

Circular Needles and some Lime colored yarn that is. This is my first attempt at using two circular needles to make a hat. I am having such a great time as I am making the Hat in this cool Lime Green from Lion Brand. It is cotton and should be nice for the San Francisco Summer.

Since this picture I have frogged and recasted it and back up where this picture was taken yesterday. I was afraid the Borg Queen will dismember me for not complying, but I walk with the Prophets. (stardate 07/27/07)

At the begining I had no idea of what to do, but thanks to a visual tutorial from the internet rfom this website I was able to visually see what it was I was suppose to be doing and then adapted the technique to my own. It gave me a great idea to when I decide to follow knitting socks. Thanks for stopping by


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2 circs is a great method.
MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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I use the 2 circulars for socks. For sleeves, I will use either the 2 circ's or the 1 long circ. That's some lime green - I imagine you'll glow in the dark!

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I am hoping to glow in the dark, is very nice color, is not as bright, who am I kidding ha ha ha ha!

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Love the lime yarn! What kind is it?


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I wonder is that yarn blacklight reactive :)

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