Cool Cotton For Kenya

One of the projects for July in the charity group that I knit for, is called "Father's House, International" and this particular group is sending things to the Ukraine and Kenya...

This one's going to Kenya...I knit it with shorter sleeves and bit of a larger hood...

...and all in 100% cotton!, it should be nice and soft and cool for some child against the burning sun.

I would have gotten a few other shots of the warm ones that will be going to the Ukraine, but, the light of day left me, and the webcam HATES lamplight.


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I'm SO impressed!!!
all of these tops are WONDERFUL!
You get stars in heaven for all the work you're doing for children in need!!!

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Robert.......what a great gift to less fortunate children around the world. Would you be willing to share the pattern and the charity involved?


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It is always nice to do something for others. Great Job

These are really lovely Robert, and some child will feel very special to receive one. When I knit for the Red Cross (when I lived in England) we also knitted in wool for Africa, because the nights can be bitterly cold. What's the charity you knit for, and where is it based?