Booklets for Inspiration

I got this booklet today and I am already thinking of making it someday soon. Most likely longer. I thought it would be a great challenge to make it in a Wool blend. I ordered some more booklets and I will share them with you as they come along. This afghan is 48 inches by 48 inches or 122 cm by 122cm , I guess you may add an extra Row or column of your favorite sample column or row reversed in order. This is what I call a Lapghan, too small for me I like them at least five feet legth or 150 cm or 1.5 meters. Or you can make some strips of your favorite celtic Braid pattern. The Strips preceded and followed by garter stiches will give it a well framed look. Well have to go for now, the gym awaits! Thanks for stopping by.


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Oooh looks purty! Just out of curiosity, how big are the "unique blocks", or rather, how big is that afgan? Difficult to tell from the foto.
And on a side note, I would never knit that in WHITE! All that work just to spill red wine on it on the first day :P

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That's beautiful.

Good luck on it.


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I think, 'twere me, that I would choose just a couple of the squares and use them to make my own design. Crowns and pineapples, say - spaced out with some plain squares.

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