Knitting for Charity

The charity group that I'm so attached to is called "All Crafts 4 Charity" and it's a Yahoo group that highlights one particular charity per month, but, there's no real "requirement" other than them asking you to do one of the list's charity projects per year...and just post every once in a while just to let everyone know you're not just lurking. I mean, the list mom knows that everyone can't do everything to change the world, but, what we do, certainly helps.

These people are so wonderful. It's almost as if you know them after being in the group for less than a month. I came aboard back in 2001, when my aunt got me involved (I come from a charity-doing family -- long story for another time).

I like to work with a lot of NICU and preemie stuff because that's what's dear to my heart, but, anyone for any reason...and if there's something that just happens to come up, my needles are ticking away.

...if you want to check out the's really awesome!!!