Interweave Holiday Gift Ideas

I just got this one magazine today. If you were looking for inspiration for the Holidays or just to make some gifts, this issue is full of great ideas for all. There are couple of nice scarves and hats I may try. Thanks for stopping by.


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I like the fruit! Though they are probably a pita to make.
MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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This looks like last year's issue by the cover. Is it? I made the teddy bear from that issue and he turned out wonderfully. There were a few other things in that issue that I want to try. I love the way the Interweave patterns are written. Very easy to read and easy to follow.

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It may be last years, but I just got it hahaha, and I hjave to agree with you. I do love the Teddy Bears I may try to make them as well!