Moved in

Sweetie and I decided to put our stashes in one place. After much looking and some disappointments we have finally moved into a nice apartment. I am no longer a denizen of the Bronx, but then I have more aggregate floor space.

This is all to say I have not been knitting much. I did take my knitting on a boat a few weeks ago, pictures to follow, and the skipper of said boat hinted that she would like a pair of socks for Christmas, so along with mother knit I now have Sailing Gal to knit for. I suppose I should get started soon; also Sweetie wants an afghan for the new apartment. I guess I have some knitting in front of me, oh well at least I get to go shopping for yarn. I think I will go for the hound’s-tooth afghan from "Knitting with Balls" in colors that will compliment our new walls; I can wear my painting shorts to the LYS and match yarn off the splatter.

Which reminds me, I need to make a Chanukah Afghan for my buddy and his new sweetie; jeepers I will be keeping the local yarn economy alive for sure.

Question for you all: Do you like knitting on a circular needle for regular knitting? I guess what I am saying is treating a circular needle like two regular needles?

On the plus side I have turned the heel on my latest sock (Trekking Pro natura with Bamboo) so that is nice. Hopefully I can finish the pair soon.

Have a good weekend Y’all

Bronx(in name not location)Knit


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Congratulations! The circulars I love for hats and maybe sweater if you are feeling daring and hvae some big stitch holders lol! Ilike knitting in the round !

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wear my painting shorts to the LYS and match yarn off the splatter

Brilliant concept!

yes - I much prefer using circular needles to knitting on straight needles - except for small diameter in the round stuff where I prefer DPN's

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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I love circulars and use 'em for everything...especially since I do a lot of garter stitch work, and a lot of BIG garter stitch work, they're absolutely perfect!

Blame that Zimmermann woman, it's her fault!


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I learned on the 2 sticks, switched quickly to circulars and never looked back. I can't use straight needles any longer as I find them clumsy and awkward.

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I also knit exclusively on circs. I still use DPN's for some projects, but my regular straight needles are just collecting dust! Actually they are quite handy for 3 needle bind offs and such....

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