Bridge collapse

As most know, we in Minneapolis/St Paul metro and outlying area are still waiting to hear if loved ones and friends are alright after the bridge collapsed yesterday in rush hour traffic. Still waiting to hear from a couple friends yet, but my partner and sister, both of whom were at work and travel over that bridge are safe. I am sending my wishes to the other knitters in our area - Stch, Janann and many others whom I don't know, that they, too have good news of loved ones and friends.


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Hello Jim,

We're very glad to hear that your partner and sister weren't on the bridge at the time of it's collapse, and that you too weren't in the vicinity. I'd been concerned that you may have been in the cities at that time. Saw your post and am thankful that all is well with you.

Have the friends that you were waiting to hear from contacted you yet?

That evening was filled with my housemate and myself following the tragedy on the television, between calls coming in from both our families worried that one or both of us had been on the bridge at that time.

Our hearts, thougths, and prayers go out to those impacted by the devistation.