Soy Wool Stripes - Natural Blue

So here's the next in my series of Soy-Wool-Stripes scarves. This one was knit with the Natural Blue color. The dyeing in this shade seems to make a much more noticeable pattern...not a bad or good thing...just interesting! Unlike the other SWS cable scarves I have knitted, I twisted the cables every six rows (the others were every eight rows). Up next, I will be taking a suggestion from Tallguy and alternating the twists. I will be knitting this scarf with the same yarn but in the Natural Earth shade, which is the one I have been most excited to use as the colors seem to vary a bit more. :-)

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Wow! that looks great. That Soy yarn is really nice. I love working with it.

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i love the pattern!, and the colors look very nice, that's a great work

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I did just the same sort of double cable pattern but with alternating cables. The pattern had a single twisted knit stitch column up the middle and when I was done that and the cables made it curl back mercilessly. So I dropped the stitch over the twisted stitch and laddered them all out (if you do this stop at row two so you don't f-up your cast-on), then used two crochet hooks to simultaneously purl up the center front with two new columns. The needles were large anyway, US15, and the twisted stitch used up extra yarn, so this worked fine. Went pretty quick and it flattened out the curl perfectly. Now I have a scarf, not a 5.5 foot cable knit burrito.

"Knitting your brows won't knit you a hat."

"Knitting your brows won't knit you a hat."