Bee Stitch

This is a new stitch for me as I am learning new stiches whille making dishcloths. Knit , then Knit1 under is collectively called a "Bee Stitch". This is a great picture, but I re casted the dishcloth. You can actually see the Bee Stitch which alternates. The pencil points to one and the Needle points to the other. It is in the making so no blocking for this item yet, so the "Knitting Inquisition Police " can back off or I will turn them into a cheap Acrylic Skein. "Harry Potter is my friend! I may be a muggle like my cousin Hermoine, but we have a copy of the book of Charm! Ha ha ha!

Talking about Harry Potter I will be making some nice Harry Poter Scarves, the Houses I will be making are One for Gryffindor and one for Ravenclaw. There may be another one, because I am in a Harry Potter Scarf exchange in The MSN Crochet Group that I own, "Crochet Depot". They will be made in the round and I am really looking forward to making them. I will make some hats to match as well lol!

Thanks for stopping by.