Pushing the limits...

haven't had much time to check in here lately because of work shtuff, but today work just happened to bring me by the LYS, where I picked up this....
which I think is screaming to be made into a knit portugese man'o'war or jellyfish!

I have a fascination with all kinds of animal life, and find sea life to be particularily interesting, so I picked up a pattern for this lil' guy the other day from Hansi Singh
(Image by H. Singh)

I'm a tad intimidated by the pattern since it'll be my first venture into non-flat knitting, but am looking forward to pushing my limits, knit-wise.

I'm a big fan of her patterns as they tend to be more realistic, and not as cutesy as most you see out there. If you want to check out more of her patterns, you can find them at


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Wow thanks for the great tip! Just checked out her site, the knitted seacreatures are awesome. One things I can't seem to find is, how big are they in the end? I think I'm going to buy some of the patterns, but it would be nice to know before hand.

If wishes and buts were clusters and nutes we'd all have a bowl of granola.

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The octopuses are fairly small, one would probably fit easily in the palm of your hand. (say roughly 6 inches)
However, the pattern could be easily altered to increase the size, which I'll probably be doing on the next ones.

The bell of the jellyfish is about 4-5 inches, while the tentacles are about 12 inches.


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Wow, those are neat. I can't really call them "cute" or "adorable" like my first reaction was... perhaps "fascinating" is a better word. I'm eager to see how yours turns out!

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Yeah, that's what I like about them...that they're not so cutesy! The first one is well on it's way, and I'm curious to see how it turns out as well, lol!