I have made nearly everything out of Michael del Veccio's "Knitting With Balls" and was wondering if there were any other books with interesting patterns for men...


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I'm not too familiar with any mens books, which is why I'm trying to write my own! So if you can wait five years..... Oh but my first pattern was accepted at, so in September you'll be able to try it out. Would love to get some feedback...

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There are three popular men's knitting books that I'm aware of.

Never Knit Your Man a Sweater (Unless You've Got the Ring) by Judith Durant has the greatest variety of projects. While obviously written for a female audience of people knitting for their boyfriends, there is a great sense of humor that I can appreciate even being outside that group.

Men in Knits by Tara Jon Manning is entirely focused on sweater patterns. It also has a nice section on how to take into consideration a person's tastes in style and fiber. While that is irrelevant when knitting for oneself, it contains good advice for when knitting gifts.

Men Who Knit & the Dogs Who Love Them by Anne Modesitt & Drew Emborsky is the one book I'll mention that I don't own. The focus is on matching patterns for men and their dogs. I didn't care for the designs when I flipped through it, but your tastes may vary.

The next set of books I'll mention are not specifically men's books. They are probably less than 1/3 male patterns, but I love them nonetheless. Both are entirely sweaters.

Knitting the New Classics by Kristin Nicholas has a nice variety of sweater patterns. Many of them are well beyond my skills, but I just have to drool over the pictures.

The Best of Knitters Arans & Celtics is a more focused work, but if you enjoy cable work, this will keep you occupied for quite some time.

The above books will keep nearly any knitter occupied for years, but sooner or later you're likely to get frustrated with the lack of men's patterns, and want to design your own. My personal belief is that design is more of a state of mind than a set of skills, but here are a couple books that might help you get into that state of mind:

Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann. This is actually my least favorite of the EZ books I own, but probably the best for understanding the mindset of design.

Stitch 'n Bitch by Debbie Stoller is a more modern, "hip" knitting book. Obviously written for a female audience, it still has a lot of good advice for being creative and experimenting.

Well, I hope this helped, and good luck!

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In addition to the books already mentioned, there is another that may be of interest. It is Simply Beautiful Sweaters For Men written by Linden Phelps and Beryl Hiatt, printed by Martingale & Company (, copywrited 2001. It contains patterns for sweaters, and vests, along with providing information on measuring to obtain sizing, reading charts, some knitting basics and finishing.