A new knitter

So I'm brand new to knitting - I've completed a dishrag (woohoo!) so far, and I'm working on a hat now. I've been learning because my wife and I publish an online magazine for hand spinners and fiber artists called Spindle And Wheel (http://www.spindleandwheel.com). Most of our readers are ladies, with just a smattering of the gentlemen. Anybody here interesting in spinning? What about other fiber arts? Or is this strictly a place for knitters (nothing wrong with that - just curious)


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I'm personally just a knitter, but there are plenty of people interested in other fiber arts on the site. We have spinners, dyers, and crocheters here. I can't think of any weavers, but it would surprise me if there weren't some that hang out here. I think everyone knits at least a bit, but we aren't exclusive to that.

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I am pretty new to knitting too but spinning sounds fun and being a vet tech that works on sheep I have a ready supply of wool ----but I figure in time I will bet to that place.

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I'm definitely interested in learning spinning/dyeing at some point, though it'll have to wait till I'm off the road. As for other fiber arts...I do some freeform quilting and figurative sculpture which frequently incorporates fibers/yarns.

Dishrags are a great place to start...or simple afghans, which are really nothing more than an oversized dishrag, lol!


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Hi Beau,

Welcome to Men Who Knit.

Spinning is an activity I've not yet taken up, but, am definitely interested in learning.

Other fibre arts that I enjoy are: crochet, needlepoint, cross stitch, embroidery, crewel, and am desperately attempting to learn to tat and quilt (thus far...it has been a struggle, and need alot more practice with both).

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Hey beau,

I love your site, in fact it's one of those that I recommend to people looking to learn.

I spin, in fact I've spent the last year focusing on my spinning perhaps too much, and have just recently realized that in that time period I've forgotten more about knitting than I've learned.

Even though it doesn't seem to be discussed much here, I know that there are a fair amount of handspinners on this site and occasionally there will be handspun yarn or something made out of handspun yarn (the infamous giant samoyed afghan image incident for example :Þ ) posted here.

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Wackowally -

Thanks for the endorsement :) sometimes we wonder why we're going to all the effort ('cause it's a LOT of work), and then we get a compliment out of the blue from somebody and it makes it all worth while again.

I've been learning to spin too - we've literally got close to 100lbs of roving (most for resale) and since our site is about handspinning and what you can do with the yarn when you're done, it would by hypocritical of me to write about knitting and just buying the yarn to do it with ;)

I tried a wheel, but found that I couldn't make myself go slow enough, so I ended up with super-over-twisted yarn an elevated blood pressure. I switched to a drop spindle and it's going much better because I can spin, and then park the spindle while I draft and let the roving take up the twist. That way I end up with yarn and inner happiness :) Maybe when I get a little better with the whole process, I'll give the wheel a spin (ha! pun!) again.