Afghan one

After spending lots of my monthly yarn budget at Knitty City and Yarn Co. here in NYC (two lovely places very helpful and pleasant to visit) I have started my first afghan. I chose two colors that will go with our living area, kitchen and vestibule. I chose Encore (75% acrylic? heck yeah, easy cleaning) worsted weight in color 670 (darker) and 9401. I am knitting on my first set of Addi Turbo Circular needles and once I got used to the cable things have been going along quite well. I have two of the 32 total panels that I will eventually need completed. Once I swatched it out I am following the "Men With Balls" hounds-tooth pattern. My only problem is that my bind off is too tight; at least I will have 30 more chances to practice.

Well, Sweetie's closet shelves are up and I am about to cast on so happy Sunday all


PS while I wait for my camera to stop being so obstinate: We don’t have TV yet so I have been listening to the radio (sports talk radio mostly) as I knit. They really do compliment one another; I almost prefer radio and knitting to TV and knitting. Now I just need to find a good NPR station and I will be content all day.

No Pic, sorry.