Hey guys, I'm a new kid on the block and I just want to share this - The Los Angeles County Fair (in Pomona), for the first time is sponsoring a "Men Knit Too" contest on Sunday, Sept. 9th at 1:00 pm, located at their knitting lounge in the Village on Broadway. The entry fee to participate is $5.00.

Guys may enter any self-knitted item and bring it with them on that date. The judging criteria are originality, best use of color and technique. Premium awards are $100, $50, and $25 gift cards from Knitwitz of San Dimas. If you're interested, go to their website LA COUNTY FAIR, click onto competitions & results, then click tapestry and go to needle art, and click contest entry form (and print). Finally, click back to needle art and go to "contest", click and go to pg. 2 of 4 to obtain the official flyer announcement. Once there, you'll need certain information to complete your entry form. Also, per speaking to the Fair office, should you mail in your entry form early, you will receive a ticket via postal mail for entry to the fairgrounds that day. Sorry guys, parking is not included. Any questions, call their office at (909)865-4564. Knit on --- Dre


Thanks for the note. I haven't been to the L.A. County Fair in years, but this is just the reason to head back out there. And I have the perfect pair of lace socks to enter! Wish me luck! Gene