Color Jog

When knitting in the round and changing colors, is there any way to avoid the "jog" when switching to the new color?


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I just came across this today, when looking for something related.

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Tip #1: Jogless 2 Color Knitting

This is an all important little trick to pick up which helps make color changes look seamless when knitting in the round. I first discovered this when knitting a Christmas stocking in the round, with stripes, alternating between two colors. As you knit up any item in the round with circular needles (body of sweater, sleeve, etc.), you'll notice that if you change colors at the beginning of a new round the color &/or color pattern tends to fall out of alignment at the seam (where you begin and end your round). That is because when you knit in the round you are knitting a spiral, so the beginning and end of a round never perfectly meet. The way to correct for this was passed on to me by another fellow knitter however I believe the source is from Meg Swansen's Knitting:

Start your new color, knit one complete round, then on the first stitch of the second round of the new color, lift the stitch in the row below, put it on the left needle and knit two together.

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Thats the only trick I know too...I say its your best bet

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that's the same tip that is used in the master knitting program level one - :) and the one I wanted to say... but y'all beat me to it!!