Started Mario's QAL shawl pattern

Actually, I started Mario's Queen Anne Lace (QAL) shawl pattern a while ago but put it aside to start and complete another shawl. (I'll post pictures of that other shawl once it's blocked.)

The QAL is a great pattern and easy to knit (so far!). I recommend it to anyone - even as their first lace project as long as they have familiarity with knitting in the round.

Thanks, Mario, for the pattern.


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It's looking GREAT, tom - and has already inspired at least one person to ask me for the pattern. I like the way QAL looks in pink. (grin)

BTW - another "starter" lace shawl in the round would be the "Easy Peasy". Even less complicated then QAL
(Not that I'm trying to enable here or anything, not I! )

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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I looks fantastic so far. The soft pink really lets the pattern show off, while giving the work more warmth of feeling than a pure white.

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I've purchased yarn and stare at it often to gather up the stamina to begin this shawl! What yarn and needle size are you using?


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I'm using Knit Picks Palette Yarn (Color used = Blush) and #9 US Options circular needles also from I cast on and started the shawl using #8 circular but around row 40 I switched to #9's since I wanted the lace to be looser.

Right now I'm using a 24" circular cable but eventually I'll switch to a 40" cable and then a 60" cable as the number of stitches warrant. It's very important to use circular needles that have lots of flexibility -- especially if you use the Magic Loop method of knitting like I do. (I hate using doublepoint needles!) I find the Options circular needles are a dream for circular knitting. I know some people find the small sized Options needles too sharp but I haven't used any smaller than #7 US and they're very easy to work use.

By the way, I bought 10 skeins of the Palette yarn to be sure I have enough. I'm not sure how many yards of yarn the shawl will take. Thought better to have more than be sorry.

Hope this helps. So ... since you already have the yarn ... jump in and start the shawl. (I already have the yarn to knit a second QAL shawl as soon as I finish this one. They'll be Christmas presents for each of my sisters.)

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Looks fabulous. I really like the pink yarn too.