Mens Knit Night

Last night I went to my first (of many) meetings of Men's Knit Night at Knitty City here in New York City. There were four of us male knitters, three of varying experience and one of acknowledged prowess. I was told that this was a small turnout, but the flooding and disruption to the New York City subway system earlier that day may have kept others home.

I had a good time, and I am planning on returning next week. Knitty City is about six miles from my new apartment and I have found it makes a nice bike ride down and back, quite the work out as there are some hills I never noticed from the subway.

My afghan is coming along nicely I now have four squares, or one hounds-tooth check, completed; perhaps another four by Sunday would be nice. It is almost time to start on my Christmas gifts seeing as I have a few pairs of socks to work on, perhaps I will become faster.

Have a good Thursday Y'all