Irish Hiking Cap Done

It was frogged and recasted and it is done. The color is not as it looks. I actually like this color is a lime Green, not as neon as it looks. I finished the Cap in a slightly different way than the Pattern called for. The pattern can be found here ---> Pattern Link.

I will be making the Scarf Starting next week. Tonight I am watchging the second Harry Potter Movie and get inspiration for a Crochet Potter Scarf. Less than 5 ounces or a 150 grams. Done with US 6 or 4mm Circular Needles (two).Thanks for stopping by.


Nevarez, that's a nice lime green color for that good looking cap. You do such a great job on your projects. On the crochet color-stranded hat, is there a pattern available for it? If so, I would like to check it out. Knit (and crochet) on!!


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Thanks HEY-DRE. I have a general pattern that I need to write. The designs come out of my head as I go along making the pattern. I never really know what it is going to look like. They are mathematical in nature, meaning every three stitches I change color, or any other design that I come up with. I make it divisible by the number of total stitches + - 1. Will have one in the future