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Hi all,
this is last weekends little project, I was using up scraps of sock yarn i had from previous pairs. The yarn is 4ply Sidar Town & Country 75% wool and 25% nylon. I knitted them on my Singer knitting machine each sock taking about 2 hours on the machine and 1 hour finishing off.


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they look flawless! 2 hours for one sock? I should get one of those machines...

If wishes and buts were clusters and nutes we'd all have a bowl of granola.

thanks, I've made a few pairs now so I'm getting better/quicker. I'd try knitting by hand but unfortunately I can't knit with double pointed or circular needles, only 35cm long needles that I can 'hold' under my arm.

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How wonderful!
I had no idea there was a home sock knitter...are they still available..or is it an old one?

Hi, it's actually a flat bed knitting machine with ribber attachment, capable of making anything from a sweater to afghans or anything in between. It's about 25 years old but in good condition.

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They look great!

I want one of those machines.


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Hi Rory,

That machine sounds amazing and your socks look fantastic.
Do you think you could take a picture of the machine and post it so I can get an idea as to what it looks like? If it is not too much trouble of course.