So little time and so much yarn

This weekend I will be very busy. A lot of things going on. I have a Men Who Crochet Guild Meeting Saturday and have A men's Division Meeting for my partners Buddhist group. I have yarn delivered, but won't have pictures until next week. In the meantim here is what I got yesterday, which I will be working on after I get done with the scarves. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.


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What do you think of the "Charmed Knits" book? I really liked the House Colors chapter (particularly the House Sweater on page 86), but I found most of the rest of the book uninspiring. It also bothered me just a little bit that the author and publisher are using the Harry Potter name without any authorization. I realize that there is unlikely to be any official Harry Potter knitting book, and that J. K. Rowling doesn't need the licensing money, but the principle of the thing still bothers me.

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Actually it's not unusual or illegal to publish an unauthorized or unofficial book on any subject. Look through any bookstore or website and you will find dozens of books relating to Harry Potter that are not published or authorized by JKR. The content of the book is all designs developed by fans, the people who made Rowling the rich woman that she is. Plus books like this only keep the popularity up there. She has no complaints.

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What kind of projects are included - I haven't seen a list anywhere.
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Most of the projects are inspired by the movies.

Chapter 1 (Weasley Knits): The Weasley Sweater (basic shapeless sweater with an initial), Mrs. Weasley's Bag of Stitch Witchery, Molly's Amazing Technicolor Housecoat (ghastly to look at, but would be fun to knit), Errol (stuffed owl), Clock Blanket (inspired by the Weasley clock that gives the status of family members).

Chapter 2 (Diagon Alley): Student Wizard Cap, Wizard Robe, Invisibility Shawl (lace), Wand Cozies, Quidditch Sweater (another one I like, though basic), Quidditch Socks

Chapter 3 (House Colors): House Scarves, House Hats, House Mittens, House Socks, House Sweater, Hip House Scarf, House Bookscarves (bookmarks patterned like house scarves)

Chapter 4 (The Magic of Giving): Dobby's Socks, Elf Hats, Hermione's Magic Knitting Bag, Harry Christmas Ornaments, Phoenix Tears Scarf

Chapter 5 (Home at Hogwarts): Harry's Red Cable Sweater, Hermione's Cable and Bobbly Hat, Hermione's Cable and Bobble Mittens, Ron's Animal Crackers Hat, Ron's Ragg Raglan

I tried to give a bit of explanation where the name wasn't very descriptive, but if there is any project you want more details on I'd be glad to give more detail and my opinions.

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Actually, I haven't seen the book but I very much like the 'Potter' look. I particularly would love to do, on purpose, a 'Molly Weasly' sweater. Tell me, who's the fan in the family?


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All in all is a great Book, I am sure that if she is using the name unlicensed they will eventually pay for it. I think the book is ingenious and the projects avery cool. I found the book with lots of great ideas for the Harry Potter Fan in your life. Personally I am a great Harry Potter Fan love the fashion statements lol!

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Hey, a friend of mine has that book. Fantastic, especially if you love to knit up some neat lookin' stuff just for the hell of it. Potter fans should have this book.

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i must get this book... as soon as i can find it...

quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that i may wet my mind and say something clever.

quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that i may wet my mind and say something clever.