And We Post...

Hey guys,

First post on this site, thought I'd introduce myself, and let you all in on my current projects. I've been knitting for a couple of months now, haven't tried much in the way of advanced stitches, just the basics with some experimentation in variations. I've finished my first scarf project, which was fun, but I'm glad to have that ghastly thing behind me. At some point I've gotta put a fringe on it just so that nagging will go away completely.

I'm working on a scarf in a mistake rib for a cousin of mine which I love and think I may duplicate for a sister as well.

Next on my to do list is a pair of gloves for me and possibly a hat as well. Gotta get ready for the cooler days this fall. I'm really loving an extreme lack of color in my projects right now and think I'll go for a dark grey/black stripe pattern on the hat and gloves. If they come out well enough I may add a scarf to complement the whole package.

Sorry for the lack of a profile pic. ONe is comming as soon as I can get a friend to snap one worth putting up.

'Til next post!


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Congrats on finishing your first scarf. Just keep plugging away and projects will be flying off your needles. Welcome to the group by the way.

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Thank ya. I'm all over my new gloves tonight. Gonna be crazy!

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Lookin' forward to seeing your work.