What's on the sticks

1. Started Einstein Coat. Size 10US. using Plymouth's Baby Alpaca Grande. Feels soooo soft!
2. Shawl on size 13 needles using KFI Paillette Yarn Purple with multicolored sequins.
3. "My So Called Scarf" size 11 needles using Noro Silk Garden. If you haven't already, you gotta try this pattern. Google it, and there's a couple really good YouTube clips of the pattern stitches.

I have a lot of flying and airport time tomorrow. Chicago Suburb next week. Anyone know any LYS near Lombard, IL?

Happy Knitting


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Isn't Alpaca dreamy stuff???

I buy alpaca from here:


I pay for this in GB Pounds, and the exchange rate makes it very cheap, even allowing for postage. I don't know how the exchange rate compares with US dollars, but it's worth an enquiry. It's much cheaper for me than buying from England.

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Oh dear! . . . . . .
I just ordered more yarn!!!
I don't need more yarn!

.....but I'm old...
( is that an OK excuse?)

None of us NEED more yarn, we just WANT it. Stash is good!!!

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Perhaps we can blame all the yarn in our stash on 'Knitters Alzheimers' we simply forgot we had it and bought more.