Do I mudwrestle for those 2 skeins or use patience and cunning

Was at the NY Sheep and Wool festival on Saturday, October 15th.  Had such a great time and it is the 6th year in a row that I have been there.  After the week of rain the day turned out to be wonderful.  There was even a rainbow as we drove through New Jersey to get to our destination.  Three of us (Carol, Ed and I) drove over to Trenton to pick up Lisa and off we went - all devoted knitters, silly travel companions and had plenty of fun. 

We parted to go our separate ways to find our treasures and arranged to meet up and key points and times to eat and share our buys - gloating over the ones that we call grand larceny - where the price to the yardage is just such a steal.  I was able to see various friends and venders that I have cultivated over the years and just have a great time in the country.  Picked us some more alpaca from A Touch of Twist for the throw I am making.  For $ 20.00 and 500 yards, it works for me.  Picked up a knitting bag from Maggie Alexander (of Bundaflicka/Maggie's Farm) - isn't that a great actressey name? She makes these wonderful soaps and has started these bags that have great pockets inside and a wild button to keep it closed.  And that wild button part brings up the " I bought the butchest bag there and that is definitely open to interpretation."  And did I mention it is in chenille.  Enough said!  From there I attacked the Brooks Farm site  which was packed and again another bang for the buck.  The kid mohair I got will keep me in good standing with several of my sisters; and the merino in browns, rusts, will make a great pullover for me this winter.  Their area was packed with knitters, and thankfully, they had plenty of merchandise or it could have gotten ugly.

Now, how many others have thought of mudwrestling for skeins of yarn.  Yarn that you don't need but must have.  Yarn you already have in that colorway.  At one vender I came across some Lorna Lace's sock yarn.  I love this yarn.  I already own over 30 skeins of it (and I don't want an intervention).  Her colorway, Mineshaft is one of my favorites.  For those who lived in NYC more than 25 years ago may understand the element of nostalgia that comes from that name.  The colorway has a dark, mysterious sexy aura to it and I just love my socks knitted up in that one.  So I reach the bin as another knitter picks up the two skeins of it that are left (and trust me, I ransacked the three shelves to make sure) and kept looking at them.  She loved it and was undecided.  I loved them and was not leaving her side.  Her friend picked up 2 skeins of the colorway Vera and showed them to her.  The lady loved them.  Could not make up her mind.  She loved them both but felt she could only buy one or the other.  You know I would have bought them all.  I am telling her how nice the Vera knits up refraining from saying (but thinking it) , do you think Mineshaft flatters your skin tones.  I know we are talking socks, but don't think I was not going into Machievelli gear.  I was beginning to think can I, a 51 year old man realistically wrestle this lady for this yarn if I have to.  How undignified will I look?  Would other knitters understand? 

The moment came.  The lady chosed Vera.  I grabbed the Mineshaft with gusto.  And ran off to the cashier before anyone got the idea to mudwrestle me for the 2 skeins.  You can never have enough Lorna Laces; and Mineshaft?  My feet just dance in them.


Knit away, knit awa

ll make it next year. Perhaps I'Glad that you had such a good time, despite the mud!

"They say best men are moulded out of faults; and, for the most, become much more the better for being a little bad." William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure