Great Demo on Continental Knitting...

Hey, guys (and gals now)! I just ran across a wonderful demo video clip on continental knitting! It's on, entitled "Continental knitting demo."

I have been an "throwing" knitter up until now! Granted, I am not going to change in the middle of the current project I am working on, which is a Christmas gift, but I will do a few dishclothes using Continental style before I start my next big project, an afghan for my parents for Christmas!

This video is amazing! She shows the speed difference between "picking" and "throwing"...unbelievable!!

This video may be old news to all of you as it was first aired on YouTube in November 2006.

It's a great demo for beginners or anyone wanting to switch!
Just wanted to share this with everyone!



My dad and mom are both throwers. My wife, mother-in-law and I are all pickers. The throwers tried to teach me first, but it didn't work for one reason or another. The pickers got their turn to teach me so many years later, and it stuck! I've tried to teach others how to knit, and I can't for the life of me teach throwing. Add to this that I'm a lefty, but I knit right handed . . . I've decided that, for now at least I'll leave the teaching to others. Welcome to the world of pickers!


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I liked parts of the video, but I hate it when knitters (like in the video) feel the need to prove one way is better than the other. I consider both to be legitimate and useful techniques.

I probably wouldn't have gotten that feeling from this, except that when showing how much faster picking is, they were incredibly inefficient in showing their throwing. I've never seen anyone but a raw beginner hold the yarn as badly as she did when throwing. A skilled English knitter can just flick the index finger to wrap the yarn, and while still not as fast as continental, it isn't as great a difference as this tried to show.

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Oh, I've seen it and downloaded it!

That's an excellent lesson, actually.

I've been knitting English-style for my whole life, but that's how I was taught.

I've been slowly trying a few things Continental (like the adult-sized Tomten that I'm working on for myself -- of all people). I don't think I'll actually "switch" but, it's good to know that I'm able to work both ways.

I agree with Celowin, though. I seem to actually knit much faster and with better tension by the English method -- but, then again, I use my fingertip and "flick" the yarn over the needle, but, I also don't use that motion as the "main" motion of the stitch either. I also like to use my left hand to "carry" the stitches from one needle to the next, where there the only motion of my right hand finger would almost resemble a tension arm on a knitting machine, or something of the like, because, that's really all that the right finger should be doing is to bring the yarn 'round the needle.

Ugh, am I getting knitting techie or something?

Oh well...I like the video, it's useful for teaching purposes, because she does a good job with that, but, I think the premise of the presentation could have been a little less begins by talking about comparing the differences, but then, swings all the way to the continental side -- almost like rallying the poor ignorant voters in an election or something.

Did I say that?