I went on a date today and my date got pissed when while we were watching the movie I started knitting. I was wondering if any of you have had this experience ----- I dont know what the big deal was the lights were out in the movie theatre and I was using bamboo not metal.

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I can't say that I've had this experience, but I think I can understand why your date got upset. By knitting, you are sort of ignoring the person you are with. Admittedly, watching a movie isn't a great deal of interaction in the first place, but knitting on top of that distances you even further.

Then again, I'm single, so what do I know?

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If this is your fisrt date, he must not be very interesting, move on to the next! Knitting in Public with your date is not a proper first date, it is probably a great 25th date.

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I'll knit while talking to my friends, they know it's all right. But knitting on a date would kind of be like pulling out a Nintendo DS and playing. You're not there for that.

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I agree with Celowin in that a date at a movie theater isn't the greatest of first in the hell are you supposed to get to know someone if you're sitting silently in the dark the whole time? Bleh. But I agree, with the general consensus...knitting on a date should be reserved until you've been dating long enough that you're not really even calling them dates anymore. LOL And even then, only if it's not a complicated pattern or project.

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Oops! Now just how the heck can you eat popcorn with one hand and either hold hands or throw your arm around your date with the sticks in your hand? When you get to the 'boyfriend' stage then gradually introduce it.

Hope y'all had fun anyway,


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we have known eachother for a while and he knows that I knit and we have had great conversations while I knit.

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There are just some times when you gotta leave the kids at home.

The best part about it is the fact that you know each other already. You know each other well enough, obviously, that you don't have to "explain" that you're a guy who knits, etc. You probably don't even have to be polite to each other, seeing as you know each other well enough.

...but, if you're in a "date" setting...taking it a further "step" then perhaps you might rather let your WIP stay IP for a few hours.

Trust me...knitting is just as much a passion of mine as it is to so many other people, and I'm lucky enough to have lots of hours in a day to do it, too, but...even so...there's a time and place, etc.

My advise: if you like him, and want to try it over again, tell him so...invite him out on a date, and promise him right from the start something to the effect of "No knitting this time..."

Good luck.


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I think it depends on what sort of warning your date had... did he know about your love for knitting?

Seeing as HE'S the one who taught me to knit, I can't say much as far as it being bad...