Do we want women joining this site?

The title 'Men Who Knit' is pretty clear to me.
Not that I have anything against women perse. Then I think about the other sites out there that are basically female based. Go to any clothing store and compare the amount of floor space devoted to guys and dolls. 
 What do you think guys?
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Huh?  Is this a rhetorical question?

I think about who we would be alienating if we said "No Women Allowed!"  Some of our biggest allies, like my sister-in-law (shout out to Sheila...He-ey!) or Wendy, who is already a member and is travelling around interviewing men who knit in order to inspire MORE men to knit.  Or the ladies of fuzzygalore.biz who inspire me and educate me and make me laugh out loud.  What reason could we possibly have for barring women?  The more members we have on the site, the more input there will be and the more useful it will be.  (I KNOW there's a good line out there about a couple of boobs, I just can't get there....argh).

The final decision is someone elses, but I say, "Welcome, ladies.  Make yourselves at home."

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I too say welcome to all who want to participate.....as much segregation as we see in the world I am not interested in adding to it. Also, as much the old bitties in the knit shops look at us funny or think we should be playing football or something, I would hope we would set an example of what NONJUDGEMENTAL people are really about and welcome everyone with open arms. Not to mention the creativity that they can add to the site. I say..."Chicks are cool!"

I don't think we need to post a sign that reads, "He Man Woman Haters Club!" (Little Rascals reference). We should welcome women. I'm sure that they would have good advice and would contribute great patterns that men would like to knit. I mean some of my best friends are Women Who Knit .

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I guess I'm going to be the first to say no to this idea.  I have nothing against women either but I joined this site to interact with men who knit.  I get plenty of interaction with other women knitters when I sit in my LYS (local yarn store) every Saturday, to the point where I'm "one of the girls" and I know and hear more about hot flashes and mammograms than any man, gay, straight or otherwise should.  I'm not saying the site would come to this if we allow women to join.  I fully support women-only spaces in areas where men would otherwise dominate(e.g. women-only gyms).  I think it's only fair that we have a men-only space for a hobby that is normally dominated by women.

Just my 3¢(includes 1¢ fuel surcharge)

Bob in South Miami, not South Beach


Luv 'n' Stuff,
Bob in Fort Lauderdale
Where the boys are...but they don't knit...poor things

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Have learned plenty from the ladies over my knitting years, and have made a point to pass on the information to others - male and female and young and old.  Recently started a men's knitting circle that is for the fellas only - as a place for us to share the creative process and have a place away from the female banter of most knitting circles.  Although some women wanted to join, most female knitters I know have been encouraging about my beginning a place for the guys to meet.  That said, I too like having a space that is male only just as I think it is good when women have a time and place that is for them.  To put a twist/paraphrase on the Virginia Woolf comment, we sometimes need a place/room of our own. 

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I think women should be welcome

I can't help but wonder why women would want to participate in this forum anyway? There are hundreds, if not thousands of knitting-related forums across the Internet, many of which are dominated by women of various skill levels, so why would a woman want to participate in this particular forum? Regardless, for what ever reason women would want to participate here, I don't believe letting them do so would cause a problem. I used to lurk around the MenKnit forum before it went down this spring. They did not ban women, yet women did not dominate the discussion. In fact, if they were peeking in, they mostly went unnoticed. I say let the women in. I think this forum could stand a little increase in activity, regardless of which gender inspires it. I also say let them in because it is dangerous to marginalize one segment of society, as it makes it easier for other segments to become marginalized as well.

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A Yahoo group I belong to (and many of you belong too, I suspect) had this same discussion a few months back. Many felt that having a "boy's only" policy would somehow yield discussion specifically related to our being male knitters. Ultimately, the switch was made. I don't think that it altered the group any - the discussions became no more frank, detailed, focused or intimate. Having no women (or at least those who identify as women in their profiles) may have made some feel more comfortable, though that was the only benefit that I saw.

While I understand the desire for male-only space under certain circumstance, I'm not convinced that male knitting websites benefit from this practice. I'd like the focus of this site to remain MEN who knit, rather than the stereotypical "female" discussion topics referenced above(which proliferate in cyberspace and do alienate me). I see no reason not to welcome interested female knitters to particpate in the specific focus of this site - men who knit. So I say welcome!

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I learned to knit from two women and I learned to use a drop spindle from a woman.  I think the name of the site identifies this space as predominantly male occupied so it will immediately discourage some women.  Those who do end up here, I say "Welcome!". 

 thanks for your welcoming attitude! I want to do everything I can to promote MEN knitting, which is why I joined the site. I keep my "female" knitting on my own blog

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After reading the comments on this, here are my thoughts. I think the site is obviously focused on men and don't fear any takeovers by female knitters who want to force us to knit ponchos. I definitely do not want the maleness of the site diluted. The site recently turned a year old and this hasn't been an issue, so I don't see a need to estabish a policy on the matter.

Having said that, if any women reading this would like a site structured such as this one, please feel free to write darrel@menwhoknit.com because I can certainly make that happen!
I genuinely appreciate everyone's energy and participation and Happy Anniversary Men Who Knit! You guys rock!
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Well-said, Darrel, and congrats to you for getting this whole thing up a year ago! Thank you for creating a community and a context for my knitting development (including women). You're dearly missed in SF, and I hope to see you the next time you're in town!


     As a woman who has recently joined, I just want to hop in and say that I am glad to leave (or STAY!) or do whatever makes you guys comfortable. I do frequent the women oriented forums, but my presence here was to help out with advice where I could and try to glean as much info as possible regarding designing FOR men. I have no intentions of tooting my horn about my current knitting, or taking over, I just would like to watch and hop in wherever i think i might be of help.

     I think the place you have here is a wonderful community and don't wish to disturb that in any way. I don't feel that knitting should ever be gender biased and would like to do as much as i personally can to remedy some of the lack of support out there for male knitters. I am not here to self-promote, be pushy (GOD, please no manchos!), or patronize. You guys are every bit as valuable to the art as the femiknitters out there with far less pettiness. I feel very good about being in a place that tries to make the most of your talents and creativity.
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As long as you don't make me knit a poncho or a felted purse, I'm cool!  I think a woman who wants to design for men is about the best example of the kind of female member we could have.  You just let me know when you want my measurements.  I am dying for a sweater that actually fits... I make Kate Moss look puffy.

Why would women want to join a site specifically for men who knit?  The clue's in the name!  The issues discussed here are about the male experience of knitting - a craft that is widely female dominated - and to give support and encouragement to men who want to break out from that stereotype.  I can appreciate and welcome any lady who wants to nip in as a guest; I'd welcome the support, advice and encouragement but I'm uneasy about women as members.

WOW! It never occurred to me that the men here would NOT want women knitters here.

Having said that I find it fascinating that men would want to knit.  I'm plagued by the stereotypes, i.e only gay men would knit, surrounding male knitters, but by being here I have learned quite a bit already.  I have to admit that I'm struggling with the notion of a "Straight Man" who knits, but I would like to hear and understand what their experiences are.

Currently, I proudly display the "Men Who Knit" blog button on my blog page. I would love to continue to be a member of this group as I think it is thought provoking and has the power to sway many people (read female knitters) to set aside any preconceived notions we may have about male knitters and just share our knitting passion.

However, if Darrel et al would prefer otherwise, then make it so. You have the power!


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Im not sure what I would do.  let women in or out. I learned to knit from books, women and this site,  women have alot that they could contribute to our cause.  When i took up knitting I knew that it was gender specific.  But I didnt care,  I have had trouble with my own sexuality since highschool.  gay, straight or inbetween, ive learned from this site that it does not matter. We are men period. and we Knit period. I feel comfortable here on men who knit.  Ultimately,  we should stay mostly men who knit.  we can have women as well for the knowledge they may posses, some old stich  that grandma may have taught them.  If they are supportive of our cause,  let them come.  I havent been a member very long but i love this site and am on it daily and would like to make friends,  I am even getting comfortable with myself.  thanks everyone for listening to me.  love you all.