seasonal knitting...

SO am I the only one who has "Seasonal Knitting Disorder"...maybe disorder is too strong word. It seems like I tend to only want to really knit in the fall and winter months when it is colder, I mean when you are knitting up a nice afghan it keeps you warm right? Well let me know


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I think I knit more in the winter - but that's primarily because I have more *time* in the winter.

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Since I just started knitting this year, I don't have enough time to be sure that there is any pattern, but I didn't knit at all over the summer. It is quite simple... even though I had tons of time, I didn't want to be sitting with a pile of wool in my lap when the temperatures were over 100F.

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I seem to knit as I have inspiration, which doesn't come in any apparent pattern. But knitting in winter and not in summer does make sense... although it also makes sense to knit in summer in preperation for winter, when you would wear the knitted garment. I don't know, I treat it like all my other addictions: "Do I really need an excuse" ???

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In my mind I tend to think that I spin in the summer and knit it up in the winter; in reality though, I tend to do whatever I'm inspired to do when the inspiration hits.


Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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I knit all year round. Have done that since I started 25 yrs ago. Occassionally, I go through a fallow period and recharge myself. When I travel , it is usually a pair of socks that follow me. Have at home knitting, hanging out in public projects etc. My feeling is knit whenever you want and enjoy.

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When am I not knitting? That's what my partner asks me!

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Not certain I'd be considered a seasonal knitter...but...I do tend to knit and crochet larger items during the cooler/colder seasons, and during the warmer times I knit or crochet smaller items, along with working on needlepoint or cross stitch pieces.

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Knitting is my all-season sport!

When it may be too hot to knit......I go to the basement, turn up the air conditioning or go yarn shopping!


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the only time I'm not knitting is when I'm at work (and then I am online every chance I get), if I'm sleeping (I go to sleep thinking about knitting; it calms me down!) or if I'm sick (which is the only real time I'm not knitting or thinking about creating stuff - but I still think about how I can't wait to feel better so I'll want to knit again!)

I can say that I seem to knit larger pieces in the winter, and smaller pieces in the summer... part of that is because I seem to be more active in the summer (travel, etc) and smaller project are more portable :)



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i think maybe it is because i have more time in the winter...and up here in the northeast...its colder...