Thanks for all the compliments on the hat! I appreciate that. Here's the link to the pattern many of you were asking for:

AND! A couple of you remember the messenger I was working on some time ago. Yes, the beautiful thing IS finished (and ironically made for the same gentleman receiving the hat). The whole thing is done in the round, with Paton's wool, the alchemical star to match his tattoo is done in blue cashmere. The pattern is in the book, "Knitting for Peace."


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Your kap looks terrific. I'd been hesitant to inquire about the pattern, and was thrilled that you'd posted it. Thank you.

The messenger bag is equally as wonderful. The recipient certainly is a lucky gentleman.

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Thanks for posting the pattern! I think I might just make that hat when I'm done with my current project. The bag is also cool, very practical. also has a great free felted messenger bag pattern, for those who wanna make one but have that book...

If wishes and buts were clusters and nutes we'd all have a bowl of granola.

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Thanks so much for the pic of the bag - very cool!


Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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That bag is awesome! I think anyone would be enthralled to receive such an amazing gift at least I would.


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Hmn....the hat is quite tempting, but that bag may be the next in line for current knitting bag is about to bust at the seams!

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Just saw the pic of your bag. Very cool. This might be just what I need to replace my sad gym bag. Did he appreciate it?