Hufflepuff Blocked

I have just washed this Hufflepuff Scarf and it is being blocked and getting dry. It is about 150 cm in length or 60 inches. I washed it according to the instructions adding 1.8th cup of Distilled Vinegar to the Wash and Rinse water. I am also working on a Gryffindor Scarf, but this time in acrylic by request , the recipient is allergic to wool and prefers the acrylic. I casted 86 stitches, but I think the next one will be 70 or 74 stitches instead. Thanks for stoping by!


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wait a second... didn't you just start this a few days ago? WOW! you're a quick knitter!

good job!


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wow - Hufflepuff's are the "stick to it, get it done!" guys, I guess!

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Thanks for the comments, I think I started it about a week ago.My hands are never idle lol!

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you should post a video of you knitting. I wonder if the camera can pickup your hands moving that fast!