Understanding the phantom that knits...

In response to a few inquiries as to the origin of my handle on this site... It is much easier to post my long-winded explanation for once and for all than to respond individually. Here goes...

It all started when I was a snot-nosed little boy. When I was young, I spent most of my time (when not at home or school) with my grandparents. At that time, they owned an old adobe triplex downtown. They lived in the front, my great grandmother in the middle, and random vegan patchouli-and-BO smelling yippie tennants in the back. Well, my great grandmother was quite long in the tooth, so to say, by that point and had developed a case of dimensia... as tends to be the ominous inevitability that awaits all our asses when we 'round the bend'. This woman, very accomplished and certainly than before her time, was a very talented knitter and crocheter. She spent most of her day sitting in silent meditation as her needles clicked and clacked away in her hands. Well, toward the end of her knitting days, Granny would finish a pair of slippers or an afghan one day and be completely conviced that someone else had done the work the next. She would call my grandmother early in the morning and claim that someone had broken into her apartment during the night and secretly worked on her projects while she slept. My family, though heartbroken that her condition had worsened, cleverly dubbed this mysterious intruder as the "phantom knitter". No, I am not the alledged "phantom", if that's what you were thinking, as my knitting skills weren't very extensive at that point. I think I was still struggling with the alphabet... But I thought the old name should be reclaimed and repurposed for your reading (and knitting) entertainment!


GREAT story!


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I love the story. Do other family members knit too or did is skip a few generations?

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I am actually the only other knitting eskimo in my tribe, if you will. I never thought about that before, but maybe that's the common thread (or yarn) that connects me and Granny. She was such a wonderful and fabulous woman....

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What a great story, how good to reclaim that name and keep the connection between the generations.

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As they said before me...great story. A tad sad, yes, but still one of those "family memories" which mean a lot.



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♫ding♪ I

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