I HAVE to stay busy with something constantly.

Tired of World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online and gaming in general I was really looking for something fun to do that was also semi productive in my spare time. Then, 4 weeks ago, I picked up the daily newspaper (I'm 38, so still read the paper) thumbed through it and saw an article about a local *gasp* male knitter. I decided to read the article, saw the menwhoknit website and checked it out. The rest is (recent) history...

One day later, needles and yarn in hand, I began teaching myself how to knit using some GREAT online videos linked from this site and an "Idiot's Guide" book. Needless to say a month and many coasters, dishcloths, and cusswords later, I'm doing great. The first few hours were the hardest but since then learning the purl, binding off, etc hasn't been too bad. I'm going to work on increase and decrease projects this week and begin a scarf for my wife of 18 years, using knitting in the round.

She was surprised when I asked her to come to the local Hobby Lobby at first, but she also knows I will try just about anything once. It's been a great month, and I am looking forward to the future. I really think this is going to "stick" as I can't seem to put the needles down after a long day teaching at school. It really has been semi-addictive.

It's great to have a website like this to see that males actually do knit and do some pretty great stuff.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello to the community, and to quit lurking in the background.


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Welcome Dan! And your knitting is a great role model for the boys.

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Welcome to MWK! I see a lot of similarities between your entry into knitting and my own. I too got frustrated with online gaming (still do a little bit, but I make sure it doesn't become obsessive), and became attracted to knitting because I could actually produce something instead of just "wasting time."

I look forward to seeing some of your projects.

Hey Dan! Welcome....knitting is sort of amazing in its ability to "stick". And I figure you can never have too many dish cloths..scarves, hats, slippers, mittens......or skeins. Or needles, too, for that matter! Embrace the obsession! That's what I say!

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Welcome to the community!!

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Welcome! I think we can all sympathize with your addiction! I started over two years ago and simply can't stop!

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Welcome Dan! It's a great site - I'm so glad I stumbled on it a while back.
Have fun!

Jonathan in DC

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Think less, enjoy it more.